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With increased innovation and digitization, our digital security is becoming increasingly important. We live in an age where (sensitive) data is stored in a database. Perhaps your work brings you into contact with sensitive data. Of course, it is also crucial that not just anyone can access your personal information. The Hague also pays a lot of attention to cyber security. For example, you will find a broad network of cyber security companies and various government and knowledge institutions. The Hague is a European hub for cyber security.

The importance of cyber security

Cyber security, what exactly does it mean? Various networks, programs, and systems contain information. This information is unintended for everyone. Protecting this information is called cyber security. Today's digitalization means we must become increasingly aware of our digital security. Continued innovation by cybersecurity companies and initiatives plays an important role in keeping information safe. Of course, you don't want hackers to be able to access your data.

Why is cyber security important to The Hague? The Hague has many government agencies. You can imagine that hackers could reach sensitive information about citizens through a cyber attack. But also politically-related information. After all, The Hague is the Dutch political center.

The Hague against cyber security

The Hague is constantly working on innovative cyber security solutions and knowledge development. Our city plays an important role not only within the Netherlands in cyber security but also within Europe. An example of this is 'The Hague Security Delta' (HSD), the European cluster for digital security. The various institutions ensure the attraction of knowledge and expertise. Making The Hague one of the cybersecurity centers in the world.

Various conferences, hackathons, and other events have been organized in The Hague. This is how we arrive at new solutions together. Because of the constant innovation, there is a lot of employment within this sector. You are then in the right place in The Hague.


Did you know? In The Hague, you can take a Cyber Security course.


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