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The importance of (cyber security) has increased tremendously in recent years, especially with the digitalisation of our society.

With the digitization of our society, the importance of cybersecurity has increased tremendously in recent years. Therefore, with growing innovation and digitization, digital security is becoming increasingly important. More and more sensitive information is being stored in databases. It is therefore important that this information is protected against cyber attacks and hacks.

In The Hague, city of peace and justice and the political center of the Netherlands, a large number of parties work every day on innovative solutions for a safer world. This makes the city a dynamic and inspiring work environment. If you deal with this sensitive information in your work, you undoubtedly understand the importance of cybersecurity.


The Hague is home to an extensive network of national and international cybersecurity companies, government agencies and knowledge institutions. This makes The Hague one of the most important European hubs for cybersecurity. Through a cyber-attack, hackers can easily gain access to sensitive information, for example, about citizens or politically-related information. Protecting this information is vital. This is why parties from the public and private sector and knowledge institutions are working together to meet the challenges in the field of cybersecurity.

European hub for cybersecurity


Security Delta (HSD) is a European cluster for digital security and plays an important and leading role in the field of cybersecurity. This cluster attracts knowledge, expertise, funding and talent nationally and internationally, making The Hague one of the most important cybersecurity hubs in the world. Innovative solutions in the field of cybersecurity products and services and knowledge development are constantly being worked on. In addition, conferences, hackathons and other events are organized on a regular basis in the city, bringing together various experts to come up with new solutions.

Like, for example, the annual Cyber Security Week. During this annual event, everything comes together. The many activities during this week provide opportunities to network, meet key players, discuss the latest developments, share knowledge and create awareness.


The Hague is also home to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). The NCSC is responsible for protecting the Dutch vital infrastructure against cyber attacks and works with other countries to improve international cyber security. Besides the NCSC, there are many other companies and organisations active in the security sector in The Hague. Some examples include: TNO, a research institute that focuses on innovative solutions for securing buildings and infrastructure; the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, a military police unit responsible for the security of the Netherlands' airports and borders; and the Police Academy, which provides training for officers and other security professionals.
There are also several international organizations active such as NCI, Europol and GFCE. This makes the offer to work in cybersecurity in The Hague very diverse.

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