The Hague is the centre of national politics and government. Important decisions are prepared, made and implemented here – decisions that affect all Dutch people. What happens in The Hague matters. It’s the result of the efforts of thousands of people, working across numerous government organisations, on the future of the country. With more than 35,000 jobs, the government is a major employer in The Hague. In other words, there are plenty of opportunities in The Hague for work that enables you to make a difference in society!

<blockquote>Caroline:<em> "In my work I am dealing with big and comprehensive issues which at the same time effect many people in a very direct way."</em></blockquote><p>The government authorities located in The Hague offer very diverse work. Would you like to be a policy adviser working on the country’s flood-protection system? Or would you rather contribute to providing shelter for asylum seekers? Are you good at helping entrepreneurs make their innovative ideas a reality? Or would you rather be a spokesperson for a minister, working right at the heart of the political scene? In The Hague, a range of government-related positions are open to you! Work experience is helpful, of course, but there are also plenty of entry-level positions for graduates with vocational or university degrees. The government offers various traineeships and talent development programmes.</p><p>The social relevance of their work tends to be an important driver for people working in government. That’s what makes the work both interesting and meaningful. If you work for the government, your work often has a significant impact on people’s day-to-day lives, and great responsibility will rest on your shoulders. What you do today could end up on the news tomorrow. That means that you need to be confident and resilient. Working for the government requires a healthy dose of ambition coupled with empathy and resilience. In return you’ll derive a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure from your work!</p>